Provita portal of
biodiversity in Venezuela

Because of its extraordinary diversity of animals, plants, and ecosystems, Venezuela is considered a globally megadiverse country. This makes it imperative to have accurate, detailed, and easily and freely accessible data on its biodiversity, which allows generating useful knowledge for conservation, education, research, and evidence-based decision-making.

This biodiversity portal was created by Provita with the purpose of making available to the general public in a single place the data records of Venezuelan species found on the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) platform, as well as data generated within the projects managed by the institution. The objective is to consolidate in one place the information available on the biodiversity of Venezuela, so that it can be easily consulted, downloaded and used by visitors, always respecting the associated copyright.

The content published here is periodically updated as a result of continuous work and improvements. Provita assumes no responsibility on how the information is used. Use your own judgement when accessing the content directly or indirectly through a link from a third party.